Skip Coding and Save Time Building Online Forms- Use Jotform

Are you still dependent on your developer to create some dynamic forms that can manage user data and collect it for future references?

Well, the time has probably gone when you need to be dependent on the skill of your developer to create appealing Online forms to allow your users to connect with you. The entire piece of code is now replaced with the availability of JotForms that allows you to create online forms for your website.

What’s JotForm?

For those who are to online industry,  JotForm is a Saas tool that helps in building versatile online forms without looking for a lengthy piece of code. I was searching for the best online form building since past and finally; it ends with the selection of JotForm.

The entire process of making online forms and integrating it on different platforms is really easy and convenient. In simple terms, it’s just incredible using this form builder.

Its Free to Sign Up: Building a form doesn’t have any charges. Instead, you can sign up without any payment option. All you need to create the free account is a unique Username, your email, and a unique password that you can use to login into JotForm. The entire process of sign up is hassle-free, so, it doesn’t even take much time to create your account. Once you successfully create your account, you are shifted to the dashboard of creating your form.

Choose Your Format: Here you are provided with two options to create the online form. Whether you want a traditional Contact Us form or is looking for a once at a time question format, it totally depends upon your demand. If you have basic knowledge about both form formats, you can create on “Create Form” and move forward. But in case you are doubtful about the design, you can click on “Try a Demo Form”. It will give you a demo of both the forms. Once you are satisfied with any one of them, you can create the form and move forward. The demo forms are offered to show, what design you will get at the end.

Choose Form Template or Import it: Now comes the interesting part of the online form builder. Once I choose the “Classic Form”, it asked me one of the three options i.e. Create the form from scratch, Use pre-available templates and Import Form from other resources. There are hundreds of pre-built templates available for use. You can use these templates as per your needs as well as the design of your website. In case you already have a form, you can import it from a webpage or can create the clone of an existing form. To save my time and as per my convenience, I choose the pre-built templates.

Choose Your Design: Here is another interesting task that you need to do, selecting the best-suited form design as per your needs. There are hundreds of template designs that you can scroll down and select for your website. You can even filter your search by sorting the forms on the basis of Industry type or Form type. In either case, you will find a limited number of template designs that will shorten your list. Even if you are not looking for English Forms, you can choose your language through Language Filter and select the language-specific forms.

Once you are done with your selection, you need to continue with the form design. The JotForm will show you a basic layout of Contact Us form. Once you are done with your final selection, JotForm will create your Online Form.

Give Final Touch Ups: Now you are at the last stage of creating your own form. You will be shown the final form that you have created. You can add Elements like Textbox, Label Box, etc to get maximum information from your visitors. Along with that you are also provided with the Form Designer that can help you customize entire form as per your existing website theme and color scheme.  You can also change the header and footer according to your demand.

It’s time to Publish Form: After all your customization, it’s time to publish the form and add it to your website. There are over 100 integration options available to add this form to third-party platforms. Facebook, WordPress, Blogger, iWeb, Google Sites, etc are some of the names on the list.

Final Thoughts on JotForm: After I completed my online from building process in less them a few minutes, I will recommend JotForm for everyone who is new to the online industry and is looking for a quick process to build online forms for their customers. The bunch of traits offered by this online form building tool is totally amazing and I loved using it for my website.

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