Review of PanelSecure Hosting Company

Since the ideas of an online portal bombard my mind, there was a big dilemma of choosing the best hosting company with maximum uptime server. There are various names and some of them begin renowned in the market, made me even more confused. But finally, I end my search and purchased the highly satisfactory web server from In simple words, my hunger for the best and most reliable web hosting comes to an end now.

I purchased the web hosting for one of my clients and purchased 3 packages included different geo-locations, as the client was having a presence in different parts of the globe. I am pleased to see that the three different packages really work well based on their specifications.

Now, in today’s competitive era, where the tech-giant Google consider the website loading time as a ranking factor, it’s very important to own such hosting that can claim best page load speed. I must say that very fast hosting with “NVMe SSD” server space is what really amazed me at such an affordable price. The 99.9% uptime is also one factor that is important to retain a better reputation in the search results and this hosting fulfills those requirements.

While selecting the hosting, the biggest problem that most of you might face is the selection of your server based on your geo-location. But I am highly blessed to experience the presence of PanelSecure’s server in 15 Global Locations. Before buying my web hosting, I visited and was satisfied to see that there are different geo-locations that can be opted, as per requirement.

As I was working on a client’s project, it’s even more important for me to purchase a hosting that provides daily cPanel backups to safeguard our data during any mishappening. And I was really blessed to see that this web hosting offering has daily website backups to Amazon S3, which kept me amazed for a while. I have made my right investment for my client and have even kept it in my bucket list to suggest others too.

For every webmaster, like me, it’s equally important to find a secure hosting and that search of mine end with this hosting company. The free SSL Layer that was easily integrated with three different websites gives a high level of data protection to my clients. There is additional hardware firewall that keeps handling the malicious attack on my websites and hence I worked with my client hassle free.

Now, like me, there will be various queries in your mind regarding its cheap price where it claims to deliver a plethora of facilities. Talking about the technicality, the changing tech-era has brought various advancements in terms of web hosting that includes caching, compression, speed-enhancement and more. These tech changes have made this web hosting company to proffer its packages at such a cheap price. Customers from all walks of life rely on PanelSecure’s Servers to run their business. PanelSecure offers a very simple and transparent Pay-As-You-Grow approach to pricing. PanelSecure is different, they recognise you want no-nonsense, fast, reliable servers at the best possible prices. They believe in delivering outstanding service and offering the latest servers at the lowest prices. Whether you are a developer, reseller or creative agency, PanelSecure is well known for their quick responses and knowledgeable staff. So whether you are starting a new venture or growing your business, you can relax – PanelSecure will take care of everything for you.

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