What paper work is involved in selling or buying a used phone online?

The latest generation of smartphones are increasingly viewed as handheld computers rather than as phones, due to their powerful on-board computing capability, capacious memories, large screens and open operating systems that encourage application development. Platforms available today include Android, Apple iOS, RIM BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows (Windows Mobile 6.x and the emerging Windows Phone 7 platform). Which means new phones after few weeks which brings excitement for buying a new phone and selling old ones. As the technology is increased so does the online market now mostly selling and buying is done online on different websites. Today we will go through if there is any paper work involved in selling or buying a used phone online?

Paperwork while buying used stuff is often ignored, though it’s imperative to ascertain that due documentation is done on closing the trade. The following are the important steps involved.

  Original Invoice
Not just for phones, while trading all used stuff, always ask for the original invoice. In case of a e-copy, request the seller to send invoice to your mail.
This establishes the seller is the rightful owner of the phone and it’s not a grey market or stolen piece. In case there’s a warranty, the invoice would help you with that as well.
Must: Check the IMEI number of the device you’re trading with the invoice.

  Plain Paper Agreement
Though this is not a ‘legal document’, this may serve you several purposes
– Establishing payment (in case transaction is on cash, better still, if it is through bank transfer or wallet)
– Self deceleration by the seller that he’s the rightful owner and he’s consenting with trade it.
– The document much carry the IMEI number of the phone, make & model, and deceleration that it’s being sold by the ‘seller’ to the ‘buyer’ and seller is the rightful owner of the device. Finally, the mode and amount of payment. Copies of the consent form signed by both parties, and a signed copy with each party.
This can save you a lot of hassle in case of any glitches.

It’s imperative that the trade is in a trusted platform, where you can trust the seller. Better still if you know him through mutual friends, workplace or residence. In case you’re picking it up from a random classifieds platform, they are aggressively used.

As you can say there is just a few amount of paper work which is not necessary but important for buyer and seller both, if you just go to search engine and search for sell my iPhone online, sell my Samsung s7 or sell my old phone etc. you will find a lot of website that will be giving you the solutions ads posted by the similar search key words I want to sell my mobile phone online but even when you will be done with the purchase there won’t be any paper work details expect the personal information form and invoice which is lately emailed.

If you are going to buy used phone here are some tips and paperwork involved. The tips below should help you through the process of getting a solid used smartphone, and while written primarily with phones in mind, most steps should also apply to tablets. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Know what you’re looking for

you need to know what you need for before you start shopping. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have an exact model picked out, though. Start by deciding the minimum specs you are looking for and the Android version you’re willing to live with. Also think about what screen size will suit your needs, and how much you can afford to spend. This should narrow down your choices to a handful of used smartphones.

Inspecting the phone

At first glance, this section might seem to apply only to those buying a device in person. However, the tips below are also useful when you get the phone in the mail. They will help you detect problems early, so you can either walk away from the deal when buying a used phone in person, or start the process of getting your money back if you already bought it. Stuff to bring with you for the inspection:

  • A battery pack or a laptop, as well as a charging cable
  • A micro SD card if the phone supports it
  • Headphones
  • An active SIM card that is compatible with the phone you are testing

Before you even boot the phone up, give it a visual examination. Start with the screen by checking if it’s scratched. If the phone has physical keys, test them to see if they are in good condition. Also check if the front camera is cracked or damaged in any way.

Negotiating the deal

Before you start negotiating to sell my mobile, you have to know the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for the handset. The first offer you give the seller should always be lower than what you’re willing to pay. If you can’t close the deal right away, start gradually increasing your offer until you can both agree on the final price.

Wrap Up

If you take your time, watch out for shady characters, inspect the device, and are firm on what you are looking for, you can minimize the chance of getting burned.
Nevertheless, there are no guarantees when buying a used phone. Don’t let that scare you away though. I know many people who buy used phones all the time online and have never run into a problem. Sure, I also know a few that got scammed, but they could have avoided it by following the advice presented in this post.

So I must say that there is no as such paper work in buying or selling used phone online but you can use the tips and paper work described above for secure and hassle free sell and buying. You could always consider using platforms like sell any mobile, currently market leader in verified used goods marketplaces.

By: Dev Saran

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