Is Artificial Intelligence Bound to Take Over the Courier Industry?

Technology is driving almost every part of our world and you cannot help but wonder where this could take us. The courier industry has not been left behind in the world of technology. For example, courier software has made incredible improvements, but there is a different talk that has been going on in the background — that of artificial intelligence.

What will artificial intelligence mean for the courier industry?

Fact is, people are allowing artificial intelligence into their lives. Just look at the number of people who are using artificial intelligence tech, like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa.

A Growing number of people are “talking” to these devices to the point that they are dependant on AI to do basic tasks.

This is a good thing and we are bound for exciting times in the future.

AI and the Courier Industry

The courier industry has embraced AI and in return, it has introduced a lot of social and economic changes. 

AI has the ability to streamline so many logistics and supply chain functions and the companies that have adopted it early on will have an edge over their competitors in terms of cutting costs and shipping times.

AI has some issues though, not for the consumer who is only using it to make orders and arrange delivers but for the couriers.

What is this issue?

The AI’s promise of streamlining and improving the courier industry has instilled a sense of high expectation from the customers who are now making bigger demands, with extra pressure and tighter deadlines.

When a consumer completes an order, they expect to have it delivered the following day or even the same day. If their expectations are not met, there will be consequences.

The current state of supply and demand does not have space for courier companies who cannot meet the demands of their customers. 

The AI that many courier companies were so eager to use will be their downfall if they fail to live up to their customers’ expectations.

However, with the right contingency plans and forward thinking, courier companies can develop a way to meet the delivery needs of all their customers. 

Artificial Intelligence will boost those companies that are in the courier business for the long haul.

What’s Next for AI in the Courier Business?

There is no getting rid of AI and this trend is growing almost every day. A fully automated dispatch system will be a game changer in the courier industry and the system has to be pre-programmed with all key information such as:

  • The current weather conditions
  • Traffic conditions
  • Information about the driver such as their current location, their destination, the number of drops etc.

This is still a long way off, but when it happens — because it will happen — the entire transport industry will experience vast changes. A fully automated dispatch system will differentiate the great courier companies from the mediocre.

But, for artificial intelligence to work in the courier industry, it must have the human touch.

Imagine if you had a long day in the office and an issue arises with your order. You contact customer care with the hope of talking to an agent who connects with you on a personal level and even goes the extra mile to ease your fears. However, your call is picked up by a machine that does not have the personality that you are after. This could be a bad experience.

Artificial intelligence without a bit of humanity will not work in the courier industry.

Companies in the logistics, transport, freight and delivery business should work with courier software companies that understand the business. 

One technology company that is leading the way in developing courier software that gives clients more transparency and improved tracing and tracking is OneTime360. This is a company that is up to date with modern technology, including AI and will develop custom technology solutions for your courier business.

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