An iOS Application which will take your iPhone Photos a level up!

Obsessed with the new iPhone you bought recently? Why won’t you?They are counting as the topmost mobile phones around the world.

But do you know in spite of being honored as the safest mobile phone it is also crowned with the best camera by its users all around the world? One of your reasons behind owning an iPhone might definitely include the camera quality and the pictures taken on an iPhone.

Even many campaigns have been started by Apple to showcase the camera quality they are providing to their users, you might have definitely been familiar with the viral hashtags up in the market i.e #shotonIphone6 #shotoniphon7 and many other, right?

So don’t you think each picture captured with these astonishing devices definitely deserves to stand out in the crowd? Right? Obviously, they do! Therefore, to grab your photographs every credit they deserve we’ve got a simple application for you!

Which App?

iShot On Watermark Stamper – It is a simple application which makes you add a layer of Shot On tags to photos in variations as below:

  • Shot On Device Name – which adds your device name to photos and flaunts your mobile device wherever the picture goes.
  • Shot by Signature Tag – which adds your name/ signature to photos which will showcase your identity among everyone.
  • Shot On Logo Watermark–  which adds your mobile device logo to photos and also lets you to import your own logo as per your requirement.

Why iShot On Watermark Stamper?

  • It is the only application which lets you add 3-in-1 Shot On Tags to iPhone Photos
  • The application provides you to add shot on to photos in two ways:
  1. Adds Shot On by Clicking Live Photos
  2. Adds Shot On to Pre-captured Gallery Photos
  • Additionally, the application is free to download and is developed with the simplest user interface which can be used by each and every individual.

iShot On definitely takes the mobile photography game a level up and make them look astonishing to everyone without any addition of extra decorative elements

Shot On Watermarks are viral in the current markets these days, some of the Android handsets do provide the functionality of getting these clusters of tags added directly to their photos with their inbuilt functionality but this is not really the case with iOS devices.

If you are someone who is looking to get Shot on tags to your iPhone captured photograph there ain’t a better application than iShot On. Swipe your toggle to Apple App Store and get it now for free!


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