How to extract editable text from images and large PDFs?

A lot of people believe that if they have text in an image, that’s impossible to take away from the text and use it separately. Thankfully that’s not the case. What OCR Geek does is it allows you to easily access complete OCR solutions free of charge. The entire process is fast and convenient, plus you are always in control no matter what.

Why should you use an OCR solution?

Using an OCR solution is the best way to extract editable text from your PDF or image. You just add the image to a site like OCR Geek via drag and drop and wait until it’s processed. Then you will have the text in that image ready to copy and use as you see fit.

This is great if you have sensitive information in an image and you want to avoid writing all of that manually. This kind of stuff ends up taking a lot of time and effort, which is why it makes a lot of sense to try and extract the info with OCR Geek instead of writing it yourself once again. The best part is that the OCR solution does work very well and it offers all the benefits and features you need in a single package.

You are free to use whatever option suits you the most. It can be something simple, or it can be something very convenient. The fact that you are always in control is quite amazing, and you are always going to enjoy something extraordinary as you go along.

Does it work with large files?

Yes, OCR Geek is a solution that works really well even if you have very large files. Of course it will take a bit to process all of that, but the solution is indeed worth the effort and you should totally consider giving this a shot if you can.

OCR Geek is extremely fast and it gives you all the benefits you need in a very comprehensive package. The outcome is always among some of the best out there, and every time you work with us you will not have a problem enjoying rewarding results all the time. Rest assured that OCR Geek can offer you all the help you need and it’s a professional tool for you to use.

Reliability and professionalism

Once you start using OCR Geek, you can indeed bring in front some great results no matter what. It’s always a good idea to just start and push the boundaries intensely all the time. And in this case you can easily do OCR even on large PDF files and images as you go along. Every little detail counts in here, and that’s why our team will be more than happy to assist. When you use OCR Geek, you will be very happy with the process and you can adapt or adjust it to your own needs. Check our OCR Geek today if you want to extract editable text from images!

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