Here’s Why You Need to Start Stamping Photos Now.

Trillions of photos are captured each day while billions of them are shared and uploaded online. Elaborating about it in detail, here is the list of some approx. data of stats for you.

Facebook- 71 billion photos are uploaded daily while Google+ – 18 billion new photos, Instagram- 29 billion photos and 8 billion new pins daily.

The above-mentioned data is quite a gigantic one, isn’t it?  And also you might be familiar that anything posted online goes viral instant and if not protected it can also be copied, stolen as well as used inappropriately without your permission.

I am pretty sure that many questions might be hitting your mind at this moment. Some of them might be How to protect them? What are the security steps for the same? Isn’t it?

So the one fix solution to this is photo stamping! Yes, stamping your photos indicating your identity will definitely protect your photos from getting stolen and used without your permission. It can be your all in one solution, no matter what your photographs are all about. Whether you share it casually just as a part of creating memories or professionally promoting your brand and your business online.

Which Stamps can be used professionally and how?

Trademark Stamp:

If you are uploading images online to market your business to everyone, then there can’t be a better stamp then trademark stamp for you. As this will auto-shield your photos from being stolen by your competitors.

Copyright Stamp:

Working as a freelance photographer? Publishing photographs online to get all the kudos you deserve? But scared about your photos being transcribed and used without your authorization. Copyrighting your images will be a better option in this situation.

Watermark Stamp:

Nothing can beat watermarking your photo with your company logo which represents your identity among everyone. Logo stamping and watermarking up them can absolutely make wonders happen for maximizing your brand awareness on the web.


Which Stamps can be used casually and how?

Signature Stamp:

Signature stamp leads to marking up your pictures with a specific name tag labeling your identification. Adding a small signature will not only represent your integrity but even recreate your photos stunningly when uploading online.

Date and Time Stamp:

Sharing photos online and then scratching your heads when they were taken and when they were uploaded is a tough task to cope up with, right? Therefore adding a date and timestamp to photos will definitely make you recall the moment when it was captured by just a glance at it.

Where to find these stamps?

Going through the above stamps, you might definitely be wondering where to find these hallmarks, right?

As far as I’ve discovered, I have come up with a Stamping app named Auto Stamper for a photo which is available at Apple App Store as well as Google Play Store.

You can easily get it as per your required operating system. So what are you waiting for? start stamping now!


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