Have you ever heard of the DjVu format?

The DjVu format is an alternative to the Adobe PDF format and offers excellent compression algorithms. These algorithms can reduce the file size of a PDF file to a tenth of the original size and save you a lot of space on your reading device. Therefore, converting PDF files to DjVu format is a great way to organize your eBook library.

The DjVu format is released under the open source license GNU GPLv2 in contrast to PDF. It was invented at the AT&T Labs about 20 years ago in 1998 and has been steadily improved since then. The majority of scannced documents which are available in the world-wide-web are still using DjVu. Even if DjVu has not reached the level of popularity of PDF by far, it is nevertheless worth taking a closer look at this format.

There are many services that allow the conversion of files to the practical DjVu format. One of them is: DjVu to PDF] – a free DjVu to PDF online converter. The whole process is very simple. First go to the aforementioned website where you will find an online converter that can convert directly between DjVu and PDF. Simply select a PDF file that you want to convert to a DjVu file by clicking on “Select and Convert” or drag the file directly into the box provided. This will automatically start the upload process immediately.

Now select the appropriate conversion options for your DjVu. You can choose between “black and white” and colored. It is strongly recommended to choose the colored version to get an optimal result.

In the last step, you can just sit back and relax as your file is converted online. This process usually takes no more than a minute. If your uploaded PDF is unusually large, thereby extending the duration of the conversion, you can easily return to the page later. All you have to do is remember the link provided for this purpose. It works best if they just copy it. Done, your newly created DjVu document is now waiting for you. Just download the DjVu file after the process is complete and you will notice that the file size has decreased significantly compared to the original. Welcome to the world of DjVu.

If you wonder how to open your new DjVu you will easily discover a handsome application to open it among the variety of free tools which are available in the web. If you are a MS Windows user you can use WinDjVu for example which is also available in a version for MacOS. Another nice program is called Sumatra Reader. It is supporting both PDF and DjVu. Most linux distributions provide native support for the DjVu format which means you do not have to worry how to open your file as a linux user. When opening your file you will notice that it is also searchable like your original PDF. Enjoy reading your freshly created DjVu!

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