Going Digital: Three Excellent Reasons Why Local Businesses Need Digital Marketing

“We have technology, finally, that for the first time in human history allows people to really maintain rich connections with much larger numbers of people.” –Pierre Dmidyar

In the realm of online marketing, it has always been widely believed that content is king. However, according to Jonathan Perelman, distribution is the queen and, she has been known to wear the pants in that relationship.

One should understand that although compelling and relevant content pretty much contributes to higher conversion rates, it is ultimately the distribution strategy that ushers in the audience. In this regard, your marketing efforts should not be steered towards creating riveting content alone. You should endeavor to create an avenue for your content to be seen as widely as possible. With this, digital marketing comes into play where if executed just right, your strategy would then help you create a more expansive reach and have your content be seen by prospective audiences all across the globe. However, this does not mean that digital marketing will just arbitrarily select people from the globe to be your potential consumers. Rather, it guarantees that your content is seen by the appropriate and right kind of people—the ones that would want to hear about your product and the demographic that needs it the most.

Unfortunately, small and local businesses do not seem to value the importance of taking their marketing efforts online. After all, what business does a startup or small-time business have in going digital when it only aims to cater to a local audience? Well, it is precisely that line of thinking that stunts business growth and if you want to see a marked difference in your business, you ought to change this kind of thinking. In any case, business whether big or small, local or global, startup or established would definitely benefit from digital marketing.

Here are some of the reasons why local businesses should partner up with a digital agency in the Philippines or elsewhere:  

Shopping behaviors have changed

There has never been any doubt that the internet is taking the world by storm. As a result, human behavior has changed and it has a direct impact on how our shopping habits have evolved. More often than not, your consumers would do quite a lot of research about your product or service before they would even consider setting foot into your store or buying your product. With information readily available online and at their disposal, it would be incredibly easy for them to find out all that they need within minutes. Your potential consumer base are utilizing review websites, search engines, social networks and the like to do a more thorough assessment of their purchasing options. In fact, you might say that today’s consumer base is a lot more discriminating than the ones in the past. With this in consideration, having an online presence is paramount to your marketing endeavors then. Being visible online ensures that your potential consumer base’s online research would then translate into a consistent flow of new and actual customers buying your product.  Operating a business sans an online presence is like giving your competitors an incredibly large head start and while you are maintaining your marketing efforts offline, your competitors would be one step ahead of you getting more and more customers in a day which brings us to our second point.

Your competitors are online

Your competition is already taking their marketing endeavors online and if you have not followed suit by now, you are severely lagging behind. No use mincing words, the truth is, you are not only giving your competitors a huge head start but you are practically giving your customers away to them. The longer you wait, the more established their presence would become and you would resultantly become only the alternative, and not necessarily the initial choice. Start building your online customer base today, and catch up to the competition so as not to lag behind.

Manage your reputation

The world is a critic and you cannot reasonably expect all of your customers to sing praises about your business. However, regardless of whether comments and positive or negative, feedback is still feedback and as a shrewd entrepreneur, it is your duty to turn a listening ear towards your audience. Apart from giving you an insight about their experiences with your business, feedback also enables you to see what you are doing right and what areas would need further improvement. In this regard, you can then refine your technique and strategy to better fit the need and wants

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