Essential Tips to Boost Your Mobile Ranking

With the increase in the mobile platform, the internet usage has experienced a huge inclination. Today, nearly 80 percent of online traffic is captured by mobile devices. In such scenario, it is highly important to build up your online presence that suits the mobile users. Till now, SEO was only focussed on the desktop website, but with the migration of desktop to mobile users, SEO focus has now moved on to mobile SEO. U-Thrive Marketing is one of the leading firms that delivers the competitive services in digital marketing. Before starting, you should know that Mobile SEO is.

Mobile SEO is the practice of building your website to allure mobile users. The mobile website which is responsive in nature is made to bestow best user experience to the users. Earlier, SEO was solely based on desktop visitors. However, in mobile SEO, complete strategies revolves around smartphone users.

To build up your website according to the mobile platform, check out the following points.

Start With Responsive Website: Gone are the days when developer user media queries to build the mobile friendly website. Instead, the era has adopted the fluid design that changes itself according to the device. You should also start building a responsive website that can be easy to navigate in handheld gadgets with different screen size.

Build A Lookout That Suits the Smartphone User: As the view space is short, prefer to build a layout that gives maximum data to the user. It’s better if you can arrange the desktop items in a mobile-friendly manner without making it messy. The more user-friendly design you add to your website, the better it will for your business.

Test Your Website for Quick Loading:  Before making, your website live for your readers, test your website. There are different online tools that can test your website for quick loading. Your mobile site must be able to load quickly that will build a bond between your customer and your website.

Avoid Faulty Redirects: Not always, but if you have different URL’s for mobile and desktop users, always keep your eye on the faulty URL’s that is harming your mobile website. The faulty URL’s that are either hard 404 or soft 404 in nature must be handled from the technical end and resolved to make error free website.

Use AMP/Instant Articles (If Possible):  Google, as well as Facebook, has introduced their mobile based projects that help in instant page loading. Google AMP (Accelerated mobile Page) and Facebook Instant Articles are being used by most of the webmaster for quick loading and retain their customers.

All these points will help you rank well on the mobile platform that will result in increased organic traffic on your website. The field of mobile SEO can’t be neglected if you are working in order to boost your organic traffic and increase your visitors count. Whatever niche you are working on, these tactics will always help your business grow drastically from the mobile platform. All in all, Mobile SEO is the ongoing trend in digital marketing field.

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