Confused in SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS- Understand these Cloud Computing Acronyms

The IT field is emerging day by day. In this field, the cloud computing is one of the broad topics that encompass a wide range of service. Today, most of the IT firms are migrating from their traditional service platforms to cloud services. Most of the Software applications are being developed on cloud computing that delivers no-delay access to the data from any point of the world. With the term cloud computing, comes its computing stacks i.e. SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Most of the firm owners get confused between the SaaS and cloud computing.

So, before elaborating the computing acronyms, first find out the difference between SaaS and cloud computing.

Cloud computing involves a plethora of services that can be utilized from any part of the world. It encompasses the services as well as infrastructure which you can easily rent to develop your own applications. On the other hand, SaaS offers you the services to develop full-fledged applications. These applications can be used for general use. However, SaaS and cloud computing are made available on subscription basis. The common traits of SaaS and Cloud computing include global availability.

Now, let’s elaborate the acronym terms of Cloud computing that has confused most of the developers/business owners. Let’s start with the basic definition.

Software as a Service-based application is designed for end users that can use it across the globe.

Platform as a Service is the tools and tactics that are used to code and manage these applications for quick and efficient access.

Infrastructure as a Service is the hardware and software combination that helps you use the server, storage, and networks to help efficient app workout.

Characteristics of Software as a Service Application:

  • All the SaaS applications are managed from a centralised location.
  • The one-to-many service model is used to serve multiple customers via single SaaS application.
  • The API used in SaaS helps to integrate between multiple softwares.
  • All the updates and patches are automatically done in the background process. No manual updating is required from client’s end.

However, in case your business needs quick processing with the deal time data requirement, the SaaS application will not fit into your requirements.

Characteristics of Product as a Service:

  • It provides a web based application development tool that helps you create, amend or test the apps based on your needs.
  • Uses common standards to integrate between services and database
  • Allows development team collaboration

However, the PaaS is not suited for those who require customizing the web application from hardware and software perspective.

Characteristics of Infrastructure as a Service:

  • It allows multiple users on a single hardware.
  • It allows dynamic scaling that is highly required nowadays.
  • All the resources are distributed as a service.

However, the IaaS doesn’t suit those business owners who ask for a dedicated hosting platform.

So, now most of you have understood the misconception of cloud computing acronyms. If you are a business owner, the knowledge will help you build your cloud applications and enhance the potential of your business.

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