Benefits of Having GPS Tracking for Your Fleet Over the Holidays

It is holiday season and most of the Americans are busy shopping for presents, holiday decoration and the fixings for the feast. More goods change hands over the holidays than any other time during the year. December is one of the busiest months for the shipping industry and retail industry and creates a number of challenges as well. There is a high risk of theft of products and loss prevention issues are huge during the holidays.

Fleet management professionals do whatever they can to ensure every load and every package arrives on location and on time. However, they rely on their shipping partners to pick up and haul the trailers, but they need to understand how GPS asset tracking can help with loss prevention so that they can solely focus on the holidays and the increased demand of the season.


Why there is increased risk of theft in holidays?

There are a number of reasons why theft risk increases during the holidays. First, during holidays employees are busy taking care of their customers and criminals take advantage of it, the busier the people are they pay less attention to what is going around them. Second, holidays are a time when people buy expensive items and those items are shipped from warehouse to the store or the customer. Criminals are specialists at knowing when delivery vehicles are most vulnerable and will make a move amid those circumstances.

So, it is essential that you as a business owner implement GPS trackers in your fleet to reduce the risk of theft and increase the productivity of your business.

Here are some of the benefits provided by installing fleet GPS trackers.

  • Reduce Operating Expenses

Investing in GPS tracking systems allows you to choose the best and shortest route possible for your vehicles. GPS systems provide you real-time data on the location of every vehicle in your fleet which allows you to send the ideal route to avoid delays due to any construction, traffic jams or accidents. This will also help reduce the fuel consumption and unnecessary overtime costs.

  • Improved Safety

Another major benefit of GPS tracking devices is that they improve the overall safety of the entire fleet. These tracking devices allow you to identify any problems with the driver such as overhauling and idling before you are hit with an expensive repair bill. When drivers are aware that their driving habits are being monitored then they won’t take unnecessary risks. Thus GPS tracking systems provide safety to your vehicles.

  • Reduce Theft Losses

During holiday season there is increased risk for thefts, but having a GPS device installed in your vehicle can reduce it considerably. When thieves are aware that the vehicle is being tracked they tend to avoid it, GPS tracking devices work to deter robbers and the event if your vehicle is stolen, GPS tracker gives you a means to recover it and reduce potential losses.

  • Saves Time

At the time of holidays, there are more packages and loads to be delivered to the location on time. Fleet managers and drivers strive to complete that, but there are times when your fleet gets stuck in a traffic jam or due to accidents. So having a GPS device installed in your vehicle allows you to properly guide the driver to avoid the busy streets thus saving time.

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction

Having a good GPS tracking solution that have messaging tools and optimized routing features help drivers reach their destination on time. In Addition, to this GPS tracking helps fleet managers to run planned versus actual reports to recognize inefficient travel times, thus keeping clients happy from the time of ordering to delivery and empowering consumer loyalty and positive verbal.

  • Reduces Insurance Costs

Insurance companies offer special discounts to vehicles that are equipped with GPS tracking systems. This helps reduce your premium amount by much as 35%. Another great benefit of having GPS fleet management system installed in your vehicles.

  • Ease of Use

GPS tracking systems give complete visibility across the entire fleet without needing to be in office. All the critical data, for example, area information, vehicle status, and driver’s conduct can be accessed effortlessly with the GPS software accessible on your mobile, tablet or PC/laptop. The software brings all the data into one place so helping you easily check on your fleet and make decisions based on real-time information.

  • Stay Ahead in Competition

For businesses the holiday season is all about competition. Companies that can deliver their cargo undamaged, on time, and communicate clearly with their customers will be able to stay ahead in the competition. So having a GPS fleet tracking software can help keep the fleets ahead of the game.

So, these are few of the benefits of having a GPS fleet management system installed in your vehicles over the holidays.

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