17 Mobile Apps To Help You Discover New Music

People have always taken to music in all aspects of life. This could be a celebration or a sad moment or even just to relax your mind. Irrespective of your reason, you always look for new music to listen to. Technology has changed the way we now listen to and search for new music. There are some music downloading apps that will allow you to listen to songs without the need to download them. There are some that allow you to download and listen to songs simultaneously. Some apps even allow you to look for new talent from your area and listen to their new brand of music. Here are some of the best music downloading apps 2018 has on offer.


Shazam is one of the most unique music downloading apps available today. This app listens to the song that is playing around you and identifies it for you. This could be on television, radio, in a pub or even in your local grocery store. Apart from recognizing the song, Shazam will also provide you the singer’s profile and provide you options of procuring the song through various online sources.


Rormix recognizes your taste in music and presents songs that are similar to the kind of songs you like listening to. These songs are from unsigned bands and artists and this is something that you will not find with too many apps out there.


Songkick is another unique app that is a must have for all live concert lovers. This app will go through the music collection on your device and will be on the lookout for concerts and gigs that are coming up in your area. This will help you catch up with your favorite musicians every now and then.


With the help of the SoundTracking app, you will be able to add a sound track to your life. This app will recognize the songs that you regularly listen to and will associate it with one of your memories and share it on your social media.


WhoSampled is one of the most exciting apps that you will find today. This app helps answer all your frustrating questions regarding a particular song. This app lets you know details regarding each song such as who has remixed it, who has a cover version of it and who has sampled it as well.


Soundrop has collaborated along with Spotify to create music rooms or listening rooms for users. You can go to these rooms and vote for tracks and even suggest tracks based on your genre preference. There are a number of rooms that you can explore.


Songza is unique in the sense that it remembers your genre preference and also notes down your daily routine. This app will remember your routine based on specific questions that it asks you and it will then offer a playlist suggesion based on what you would be doing and your genre preference.


When you think of Shuffler.fm, visual blogs come to mind. There are a number of blogs that share music however navigating through these blogs can be a stressful task. Shuffler.fm helps users go through all the music shared on various blogs in a visual manner. This will help users discover new music on a daily basis.

Yap Music

Yap Music is said to be similar to Instagram but for music. This app integrates with your Facebook feed and lets you browse through all the latest music from your favorite bands and musicians. While you are browsing, the app even plays a preview of the songs.


Discovr helps you to discover new artists based on your band preferences. You can also follow these new artists and listen to their latest songs and view their latest videos.

Pitchfork Weekly

Pitchfork Weekly is all about the latest news from the popular publication Pitchfork. This app covers the latest music news, new podcasts and editorials that include reviews for new artists.


Earbits is a very simple music streaming device that is kept ad free by music labels, promoters and even bands. They fund this app and use it to purchase airtime on various channels. There are over 12,000 artists that are currently associated with this app.


Bloom.fm is an app that allows users to listen to music on demand and even gives them access to radio playlists based on their music preference. The app plays custom playlists and individual tracks based on user preferences and interactions.


Sonarflow is a very unique app in the sense that you do not need to search for new artists and songs. The app recognizes your taste in music and throws suggestions your way in an aesthetic manner.

Indie Shuffle

This app shuffles through a lot of independent music in the form of playlists. You can select your preferred genre or choose to play the most popular songs.

Band Of The Day

Band of the Day is known to provide a launch pad to a number of new artists. This app is known to launch one new artist on a daily basis. You can even go through the archives and check the various artists that have surfaced over the years.


Soundwave helps you find your soul mate through music. All you need to do is tap on the song image and you will be able to view the history of people that have heard the song.

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